Lebanese sitcom

One of the most popular shows in Lebanon is Basmet El Watan, literally, “the country has only died.” In addition to being funny, the program also seems to possess psychic qualities.

This scene aired two months before fighting erupted in Beirut. It begins with a couple complaining about how bored they are with the country’s night clubs. Never fear, the man says, ‘the best soirée’ happens at home. He proceeds to invite friends over and all sit around staring at the man for several minutes. Finally, sporadic gunfire is heard in the streets and he announces that the party has started. He asks his wife to confirm.

Party favors are distributed.

The fighting last May seemed to grow out of nowhere but late night shooting incidents have been a regular occurrence since the beginning of the year.

Spoof shows like Basmat El Watan can be more daring than local journalists, using humor to hint at issues that are considered taboo subjects.

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