A scoop of Doha

I saw this ad last night in front of the Haagen Daaz stand in downtown Beirut, which is now buzzing with pedestrian traffic. With its “Doha Agreement Cone” (as seen above) the American ice cream retailer is capitalizing on the recent truce signed by Lebanese politicians and former warlords upon the urging of the Qatari Emir in his country’s capital. Haagen Daaz partnered with none other than Qatar Airways to offer the deal.

Does this mean the Emir can have his cone and eat it too?

  1. Lovely indeed.

    Looks like Lebanese are extremely creative, and they like their ad’s big and flashy.

    Great blogging BTW. I love your down to earth reporting; of what is happening in the streets.

  2. Many thanks Amir. War or peace, Lebanese always seem to retain the ability to sell product and do so with flair.

    See ‘billboards’ and ‘advertising’ in my categories if you are interested in other examples.

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