Yearning for colonialism?

Naharnet, a pro-Western leaning Lebanese news site, is usually quite anxious in its condemnation of foreign forces exercising tutelage over Lebanon. Over the past few years, it has reported avidly on violations of Lebanese sovereignty, focusing largely on maneuvers by Syria and Iran and their local allies. (A headline on Naharnet once screamed “Hezbollahland” when describing the southern suburbs of Beirut.)

But in an article that appeared today, the editors of Naharnet appear to be abandoning their high horse of sovereignty by explicitly campaigning, it seems, for all-out French control over Lebanon. The article discusses French-Syrian-Lebanese relations, but instead of posting the contemporary Lebanese flag, the editors chose to dig up an image of the colonial flag used until the 1940s, when France ruled:

Or did they just think it was cute?

For those who would like to compare, here is an image of the flag that has been Lebanon’s for over 60 years: