Shadow men and their impunity

This was among the most memorable images from last night’s hours long firefight involving intense machine gun barrages and rocket propelled grenades in the neighborhood of Tariq Al Jadeedi. The battle reportedly pitted rival pro- and anti-Syrian regime factions against one another following yesterday’s mysterious killing of two anti-regime clerics. 
Watch the full video as these shadowy gunmen shoot in the direction of the mounted camera of local news channel Al Jadeed (via @leshaque):

All this occurred around 3:00 AM, but was looped repeatedly by the station, which was the only one to provide constant coverage last night. Once the rival gunmen or their bosses decided they had enough, the army was called into the rubble-strewn streets and has presumably taken up positions.

A couple of hours later, the sun has risen, the birds were singing and the violence seems to have died down. Hopefully it will stay this way after the young fighters wake up.