A show about cleavage

As Syria’s war continues to ‘spill’ –some may even say ‘flood’— over Lebanese borders, local audiences are increasingly tuning into the country’s hottest new reality show: “Splash”

Perhaps a nod to all the water-based metaphors about Lebanon’s instability, Splash sees local pop stars and TV celebrities compete every week at a giant indoor high dive pool.

The show is filmed live before a poolside studio audience and viewers at home can vote for their favorites via text message.

But if the hit American sitcom Sinefield pitched itself as a “show about nothing” then Splash is really just a show about cleavage.

Even the contestants parents…

And the judges too:

Not limited to the front side:

And the obligatory East European dancers, a must in Lebanese television:

But then again, cleavage seems to be big on all LBC shows these days, even in the morning:

And most other Lebanese channels as well: