Bombs or boobs?

Yes Lebanese viewer, the choice is yours.

As gun battles raged through the streets of Saida, some channels sent reporters into the conflict zone with helmets and bullet proof vests:

But on MTV, one of Lebanon’s biggest news broadcasters, the action was on the red carpet:

For the annul Murex TV awards.

Meanwhile the fighting began to spread to Tripoli with road blockages and machine gun fire. LBC finally broke away from this ridiculous variety show:

And brought us live images from the country’s second largest city:

MTV was also live, but they were more interested in this actress’s Elie Saab dress:

Meanwhile in Saida, the gun battles intensified into mortar battles. Smoke billowed over the city as an army tank was struck by RPGs with some four soldiers reported dead.
Al Jadeed’s reporter was hearing gunfire all around him:
But what about that Elie Saab dress? The hostesses were still in awe. 
The discrepancy was perhaps best captured by MP Hadi Hobeish, who was present at Murex. He paid condolences to the fallen soldiers but also thanked MTV for continuing to broadcast the show despite the battles.
“This (event) shows the civilized Lebanon… the true Lebanon,” he said on the red carpet.

I’m not sure what is worse. That Lebanon’s “civilization” can be measured by a glitzy, silicon-infused awards gala or that a member of Parliament was actually encouraging us to ignore the ongoing crisis and enjoy the show.