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Press conference at the Minstry of Telecommunications earlier this year.
Twitter reaction to my last post on Storify:

PR and Journalism: touchy area?

Here are some of the accusations thrown my way after writing a piece that questions the cozy relationship between PR companies and the press in Lebanon.
  1. Too cozy? PR and journalism in…
  2. Most of the criticism was vague, not addressing the piece, but accusing me of harboring a hidden agenda:
  3. @habib_b Why are u so focused on @fidachaaban and@NicolaSehnaoui ? Am starting to feel its personal.
  4. @habib_b @RAGMAGMagazine It’s a lifestyle magazine so yeah it is journalism. Ur piece and comments r just a thinly veiled smear campaign.
  5. @habib_b U r making good points but assuming things on behalf of a respected Editor in chief practically killed ur post.
  6. Or stereotyping my work and that of Lebanese journalists in general:
  7. @LeNajib I don’t really care, I just wish habib did his research like a proper journalist should. @habib_b @RAGMAGMagazine@NicolaSehnaoui
  8. @habib_b but then again, professional journalists here never bother digging deeper, so no surprise @LeNajib@RAGMAGMagazine @NicolaSehnaoui
  9. @LeNajib – @habib_b is just doing what he does best: finding the worst details in any situation & trumpeting it baselessly. A “post review”
  10. Or just plain insults:
  11. @habib_b you’re stupid and your article is stupid. I know you want attention from the digital sphere but don’t be a cunt about it.
  12. @habib_b and excuse my language. . But I have an obnoxious reaction to dumb attention cunts trying to jump on the bandwagon.. @LeNajib
  13. Much to the amusement of the accusers: 
  14. @habib_b I can’t retweet @ranithefirst for the sake of public decency but he is funny. Come on admit it 😛
  15. Some suggested I should find a new job:
  16. Does anyone have a small office job vacancy (for $200/month) my friend @habib_b is struggling in making a decent living and needs your help?
  17. And of course, the ultimate insult in Lebanon, calling me a maid:
  18. @ranithefirst @habib_b Office job? I pay my maid even more. He should try his luck in this “sphere”. Haha.
  19. While the minister I wrote about, a martyr. 
  20. @habib_b Sehnaoui like him or not is not promoting hate. He’s promoting hard work in digital contribution. Get ur head outta ur ass @LeNajib
  21. To his credit Najib was one of the few to actually raise a specific argument, namely that you can be friends with a minister and still write about him objectively:
  22. @habib_b It could be that the blogger or journalist do not agree with your views regardless of their friendship.
  23. @habib_b I for example have become sort of friends with Minister@NicolaSehnaoui yet I have different views on certain matters.
  24. Others disagreed:
  25. @habib_b Friendly junkets set up by object of coverage are dodgy, w bass.
  26. @habib_b proverbial u scratch my back I scratch urs… or else…
  27. And some sent words of support, either privately or publicly:
  28. @habib_b Good and timely piece… Well done…
  29. @habib_b i think every1 is takin it 2 personal & personal attacks r over the top. Also disappointed in @GinoRaidy 4 generalizing all journos
  30. @habib_b valid point here – these publicists should stop expecting journalists to regurgitate staged content for stories. Great piece.
  31. READ THIS PEOPLE ! RT @habib_b: Too cozy? PR and journalism in Lebanon…
  32. What do you think?
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