Inspired by Michael Moore, Lebanese journalists use bullhorn and pay price

The Al Jadeed journalists who were brutally beaten and detained by Lebanese customs agents have just published the video above explaining the tactics they chose yesterday. They had been investigating corruption allegations at Lebanon’s airport and resorted to using a bullhorn to ask the head of customs why he had refused an interview.

In the report above they explain that use of the bullhorn was inspired by a Michael Moore documentary, where the American filmmaker used the tactic in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The reporters make a reference to Moore and show a snippet from the film, “Capitalism, A Love Story.”

I wonder if Mr. Moore ever expected to inspire such brave action in a place like Beirut, where the price for standing up for the public’s right to know can be considerably more dangerous than in New York, as seen above.  Or the valiant fight waged by hundreds of supporters who chanted outside the courthouse where the journalists were held until their release hours later.


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