“Persons in clothes will be asked to leave”

Sporting Club, El Manara, Beirut

UPDATE Nov 25:

A debate about this post has emerged on my Facebook wall suggesting the language is not just funny but also may suggest a form of discrimination. A reporter colleague suggested that “persons in clothes” could also encompass maids (and thus children) or the elderly. Someone even wondered if “proper swimwear” could exclude hijab wearing women or the famed “burkini.”

All this would mean the club is looking to attract clientele that look good in swimsuits, which would be surprising considering Sporting is actually a really nice place just to read a book. On the other hand, I did see some elderly women in suits and no one checked to see if I would take my shirt off or not. Maybe the management could chime in here–in case they are offended by any of the above– and explain why getting naked is so important.

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