Nasrallah re-run

Just hours after today’s killing of a Hezbollah commander, OTV is now replaying its lengthy interview with Hezbollah chief Sayed Hassan Nasrallah from last night.
Today Hezbollah is blaming the killing on Israel, but last night Nasrallah blamed Saudi intelligence for the twin suicide attacks on the Iranian embassy last month. At first those attacks were initially blamed on Israel, so will today’s killing also eventually be blamed on Saudi Arabia or other parties?
And before anyone gets any “sectarian” ideas, OTV is a Chrisitian-owned broadcaster that is fervently pro-Hezbollah, pro-rightist Christian politics. What’s most interesting about this aspect of the Syrian conflict, I believe is how, under threat, Hezbollah has increasingly defined itself as non-extremist, non-terrorist and pro-religious tolerance when compared to the rebel groups it is fighting in Syria. It’s almost as if the battle has gravitated Hezbollah closer to its often-Islamophobic Christian and secular allies in the fight against what it has labeled as extremist Islam.