What’s being dug up at Saifi Gardens?

There appears to be a lot of interesting ruins being dug up at the new Safi Gardens development.

The residential project occupies two plots at the edge of the Solidere area, at the intersection of George Haddad Street and the General Chehab (ring) highway, just across the street from Bourj Al Ghazal tower.

The site was a parking lot at the lower right corner of this obviously dated Google Map:

Today both plots have been excavated with colorful branded construction walls:

Here is a wide shot of the site (center right) with Bourj Ghazal tower in the background:

Upon approach we can see several white tarps inside the walls, used to provide shade for archeologists:

We can see dozens of plastic crates behind the workers. These are typically used to store relics, so there could be many here:

(Have another look at the first photo of this post for a closer view of the crates)

While it’s great that the archeologists are at work, I was a bit concerned to a see a massive steam shovel on site:

Let’s hope it didn’t damage any of the ruins in a bid to expedite construction:
Here’s what the site looked like earlier this summer:

Much of the grounds above seem to have been excavated. But where is this bulldozer parked?

If anyone has any info on what has been discovered at this site, please share. Unfortunately, and as I have found after being violently assaulted at a nearby dig, the ministry of culture is not very forthcoming when it comes to these excavations. For more background on why that is, see my extensive piece in the BBC last year. 
Also here are some images of what the multimillion dollar project is supposed to look like: