Jack’s (abandoned) Hideaway


This place has been closed for as long as I can remember. It’s located on the bottom floor of a recently renovated apartment building in Hamra. One of the construction workers told me it was once a bar but no one has been inside for 30 years.  The font on the signs and window shapes do look very disco.

Jack’s Hideaway is right across the street from the Commodore Hotel on the corner of Yafet Nehme and Baalbeck street:


Was it really a bar? If so, it was probably frequented by the foreign correspondents that lived at Commodore during the war in the 1980s, which was reportedly run by the PLO at the time. But it also looks a bit like a clothing or jewelry store.

Anyone remember this place or know anything about it?


UPDATE: 2/16/15

Thanks to the comment below by Andy, we have some more background on Jack’s Hideaway. Apparently it was a sort of bar or night club, even throughout the war, as an Associated Press reporter notes in 1982:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.32.42 PM

The title of the March 21, 1982 article is “Chic war rages in Beirut.”  Jack’s may be gone, but the exotified reporting continues!

Another comment by Ray suggests the bar dates back to the 1970s and was owned by a Seikaly family. Do comment below if you know more.