Resisting Zaitunay


It’s still hard to believe that the once publicly accessible St. George Bay has been rebranded as the corporate-controlled space “Zaitunay Bay” with its multi-million dollar yachts and uber expensive restaurants.


But it’s even harder to believe that people are literally not allowed to picnic, play music, ride bikes or do any ‘normal’ family activities in this coastal area. Thankfully, not everyone is intimidated by Zaitunay corporate security, who often travel on segways.

These boys enjoy a snack right next to the comical sign banning everything including water pipes. (Cigar-smoking fat cats are okay it seems as they are ubiquitous in Zaitunay restaurants.)


It’s also interesting that Zaitunay security don’t mind actual law violations such as double parking and blocking roads, as long as those cars belong to their clients.