Support this refugee-run food truck

Photo: Alfanar

As we pick through the ashes of last weeks tragedies, often despairing or overanalyzing, a story of hope is emerging from the very same Beirut neighborhood that was bombed. In the slums of Burj Al Barajneh, also home to a large Palestinian refugee camp, a woman called Mariam is trying to launch a food truck to help employ refugees and spread their delicious homemade meals.

Inspired by the Hollywood film “The Chef” which traces one cook’s rise to fame with a food truck, a kickstarter campaign has been launched to help Mariam put her catering business on wheels, serving the wider community outside the camp and employing more of its residents in dire need of work.

“If we get the food truck, there will be more work opportunities for people and we would be able to reach more areas outside the camp,” Mariam says.

You can watch a video here:  And support the campaign here. Hurry, if Mariam doesn’t reach her goal by December 20th, the project will not be funded.

Also don’t miss this great piece featuring an interview with Mariam on the fabulous Florence of Arabia blog, which you should definately be reading by now.