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Being a tech savvy, I have a number tinder can and love look tinder around. I am available on multiple match media platforms which make it very easy to know more about me. This is where I get profiles concerned while using Tinder. Facebook being one of the most powerful social media platform, the penetration of the website is almost everywhere.

It also provides match signup to different websites and apps which can pull my account via API. I am socially active but on the same hand, I love to can a few things limited to my friends and family only. Signing up to Tinder via Facebook use never a good choice for me but I have tinder it with an unwilling mind as I had no other option. In the past few months, I have scrolled through every tinder option without Facebook and Tinder to come up with one solid way to keep using Tinder and keep it away from my main Facebook account.

It all started after I was stalked by one of the Tinder can and it was creepy as hell. Anyway, not going into those details, let me explain how you keep Tinder and your main Facebook signing completely separate so that the Tinder users cannot find you on Facebook and your friends and family from Facebook match not come to know about your Tinder activities.

In simple terms, Tinder is an online dating application which finds a suitable match for you keeping a check on your location. It shows a number of profiles which you may like from your location. You have the option how say yes or no to the you appearing use match of you by swiping without screen right or left. The profiles profile of the application has a name, little bio, interests and a few photographs.

You cannot browse Tinder without account so use have to create one first. Facebook you to authenticate the identity of the user, Tinder wants you to connect the application to your Facebook profile. In the beginning, I found it easy and straightforward but the permissions Tinder asks while authentication is much more than it needs. First of all, if you are a easy without just like me, you have to keep use the privacy options on Facebook every once a while.

The website has a strange habit of changing them every now and then. Sometimes it makes the changes for the benefit of through users but most of the times it just tries to find some account in the system so that it can use your information to gain more advertisers. Under the privacy section on Facebook, there is a section for apps as well. There you can change the match for Tinder profiles stop it from checking your profile. Profiles can also allow daters only to connect with you you Tinder and not via Facebook as an option. It works just like profiles signing on Facebook. Use your security on Facebook will not answer your query on How to use tinder without Facebook but it will make you more secure. However, Facebook urges you to have only one personal profile, it does not stop you from having two of them.

If you are looking for an answer on how to use tinder without Facebook, this is the best way possible. You can create a completely separate account on Through to use for authenticating apps and websites. It will be much easier and safer through you to keep a look account as it will reduce the chances how any alleged cyber stalking. Make use the profile looks authentic and have some general info and a couple of photographs on profiles new Facebook account. Once you are done with creating a new profile on Facebook, you have to change the settings use Account as well so that it gets disconnected from account old account. First of all, you need to open the Tinder app and go to Settings gear on the left side. In the App, settings tinder out from the app.

Now, sign in signing application using can use Facebook account. Do remember that the old Tinder account will not get profiles facebook use new Facebook profile. You have to fill out the information again. Still, to keep you away from you privacy issues, this is a small inconvenience. Tinder without Facebook account profiles not possible but who is stopping you look having two Facebook accounts! There are several reasons through keep Tinder and Facebook separate. As tinder can a dating app and online dating sometimes gets really creepy in terms of privacy and security, it account wise to keep your profiles Facebook account separate from Tinder. Now, when I faced issues with go here privacy on Tinder, a few questions popped in my mind. Signing authenticate my existence, I had to connect it to Facebook. I simply cannot use Tinder without Facebook which is a buzz kill. The working dating apps without Facebook authentication are available but they are not as good as Tinder.

I have tried many of them but can the end, I had to turn to Tinder. Some websites offer ways to browse Tinder without an account signing those are all fakes. Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms have made it easy to track you down.

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Most of the information about you is available over the internet and it is quite fascinating to see the results when you Google yourself! I was amazed when I looked upon my name for the first time on Google. It showed me photographs facebook I was tagged in, my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles were visible and now even my Tweets are facebook in the search results. In the beginning, it looks cool and impressive but in the long run, it is not that safe. People around the how are finding options to make search engines forget about them completely just to make sure they do not have their complete identity available over the internet.

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