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Dormant for years, the digital “truth” ticker has been reactivated on the upper right of the Rafik Hariri billboard above. It has been marked as day 1 in line with the start of the long-awaited trial in the Hague today, investigating his assassination.

The billboard had originally gone up shortly after the former prime minister’s murder in February 2005 and had read “The Truth.” The digital clock was soon added, with the aim of counting the days until Hariri’s killers were brought to justice. Years went by and the counting went into the thousands, prompting the somewhat embarrassing addition of a different size screen to compensate for additional zeros. A few years ago, the digital clock was removed altogether.

Now the text on the billboard has been changed from “The Truth” to “Era of Justice.” It also appears that the original 3-digit screen has been replaced with a 4 digit one. Will it lead to anything this time? And can justice really be served in a state where most of the incumbent politicians are pardoned war criminals?


Just hours after today’s killing of a Hezbollah commander, OTV is now replaying its lengthy interview with Hezbollah chief Sayed Hassan Nasrallah from last night.
Today Hezbollah is blaming the killing on Israel, but last night Nasrallah blamed Saudi intelligence for the twin suicide attacks on the Iranian embassy last month. At first those attacks were initially blamed on Israel, so will today’s killing also eventually be blamed on Saudi Arabia or other parties?
And before anyone gets any “sectarian” ideas, OTV is a Chrisitian-owned broadcaster that is fervently pro-Hezbollah, pro-rightist Christian politics. What’s most interesting about this aspect of the Syrian conflict, I believe is how, under threat, Hezbollah has increasingly defined itself as non-extremist, non-terrorist and pro-religious tolerance when compared to the rebel groups it is fighting in Syria. It’s almost as if the battle has gravitated Hezbollah closer to its often-Islamophobic Christian and secular allies in the fight against what it has labeled as extremist Islam. 


    The newest miltia on the block took its name from the killing of four men in the Bekaa last month and so far, they’ve taken responsibility for Sunday’s assassination attempt on Arsal’s mayor.

    But the Four Martyrs Brigade are discerning militants. In this video, they claim the hit on the mayor was partly unsuccessful because they refrained from using rockets and heavy weaponry “for the sake of public safety” and also “because it was Sunday and a holiday.”

    Otherwise “we would have burned him. We are not here to play games,” the ring-leader told an Al Jadeed TV news crew.

    This is probably not the last we’ll hear of the Four Martyrs. They vow to avenge each of their four namesakes, and the killers will pay dearly for every one.

    “I’m not going to tell you how much each of our martyrs is worth,” the ring-leader said.

    And the hunt for the mayor will continue: “We want to kill him! If not me, my son and my grandson will continue the path (to revenge). We are tribes. There’s no other way.”

    It’s been about a year since the last time tribal violence was in the news, following the very public display of force from the Mekdad clan.

    Clan violence has been ongoing in rural Lebanon for as far as I can remember, but the war in Syria gives it a new dimension and media attention. There’s probably a thesis to be written on Bekaa tribal rivalries and transnational conflicts–if it hasn’t already been written.