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    No matter how illustrious their hand gestures, Lebanese politicians never seem to have any answers as to who is setting off bombs in this country–tonight, last month or last year.

    In fact, despite dozens of blasts over the last five years, few if any suspects are ever identified or arrested. And yet Lebanese TV continues to interview the same officials and pundits:

    If the state can’t do it, maybe the media needs to start investigating terrorist acts or at least investigating investigations–and their precariously-guarded crime scenes.

    But by devoting hours of air time to the same faces of ambiguity, the media are only reinforcing a culture of non-answers and non-arrests.


    I witnessed this scene earlier this afternoon as protestors were trying to occupy the street. The young woman was injured and taken away in an ambulance.

    I caught a glimpse of the passenger in the car when he stepped out for a moment to yell at the protestors before the incident. He was wearing a full military uniform, but a darker tint of green than normal infantry men.

    Remember all this happened directly facing the police station and the police just stood there and watched.

    More to come…

    Update: A number of protestors saw the driver and are identifying him as one of the bodyguards who attacked them last night.

    Update: Emotional moments as Detainees released and new video from the scene.