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Yesterday we set out for a fun day on the slopes.

Thankfully, when we reached the peaks at Faraya, the lifts were running smoothly:


And the mountains were blanketed:


But, as usual, we had some unexpected visitors:


Ruining that perfect shot:


Crisscrossing over the skies



And down toward the slopes:


Looping and looping:


Letting us know they were there:


At one point, it seemed there were trying to entertain us with shapes:


But I have seen this air show before. And it’s not the kind you want to attend or choose to attend.

These are Israeli fighter aircraft routinely violating Lebanon’s airspace–an air show of intimidation if you will.



We see it so often in Beirut–I’ve posted about them before. Last year there wasn’t enough snow for boarding, but we saw them the one day I went in 2013–see pictures here.

It’s as if they are always there. Some years they bomb, some years they don’t. You’re never quite sure when they are armed and when they are not. Would any other country tolerate this?

But the F16s didn’t stop us from having a good day. Here are a couple panorama shots.

That’s Biblical Mount Hermon (Jabal el Shaykh) in the distance:


This is the view toward North Lebanon (Al Arz) and the Mediterranean is on the far left.
One word of advice for those heading up this year: Put chains for your tires because the roads are not exactly clear:




    UPDATE (3 minutes later):

    Round two- tighter formation:

    And 5 minutes later–round 3:

    About 20 minutes later (12:15PM), comes round 4:

    (Notice position of sun is changing in each shot.)

    The Israeli overflights continued all night and all day yesterday, visible over the mountains of Laklouk ski resort, north of Beirut.
    Seen from the lifts:
    And above skier’s heads:
    Flying above commercial airplanes as well. See faint streaks bottom center:
    Resort staff and lift operators told me they’ve been seeing the jet trails every day, with a sharp uptick over the last few days following the reported Israeli air strike in Syria this week.
    There are fears that this increase in overflights–in blatant violation of Lebanese airspace– could be a prelude to continued air attacks.
    The pilots also seemed to be involved in a kind of aerial acrobatics:

    With not much on this in the media, it’s hard to know to whether these flights are for reconnaissance, interference, just plain intimidation or actual attacks that may go unreported.

    I also wonder to what extent pilot hot-rodding plays a role in the maneuvers.

    Other than that, it was a spectacular skiing day in Laklouk, which I think is one of the country’s most overlooked resorts. Post on that upcoming.


      Sunny and gorgeous over the Mediterranean with a 90 percent chance of F16 intimidation.

      * * *


      A reader just sent me this shot from a couple of days ago:

      Guess those IAF pilots are really enjoying our sunny weather! But what are they up to?