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In latest shooting, a very different reaction

It's been over ten days since the mass shooting at US military offices in Tennessee and here in Texas, flags are still at half...

Brazil takes Raouche

Now how did they get up there?

Policeman: Photography is “illegal” in Hamra

A few minutes ago I was taking this picture when a policeman shouted at me. Cop: "Hey, stop, stop! What are you doing?? Don't you...

The Republic of Amal

In light of yesterday's Lebanese Forces post, I thought I would introduce you to Amal land:Home of Imam Musa Sadr and Hard Rock Cafe:More...

Pick a flag, any flag

Tyre, yesterday.Supposedly there is a 1945 law which states no flag other than the Lebanese one should be raised over its territory--"under any circumstances." 

Pomp and flag-hanging: Abbas visits

Yesterday, cranes and workers were hard at work scrubbing the sidewalks and hanging up flags all across the highways on every light post--even leaning...

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