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Yesterday we set out for a fun day on the slopes.

Thankfully, when we reached the peaks at Faraya, the lifts were running smoothly:


And the mountains were blanketed:


But, as usual, we had some unexpected visitors:


Ruining that perfect shot:


Crisscrossing over the skies



And down toward the slopes:


Looping and looping:


Letting us know they were there:


At one point, it seemed there were trying to entertain us with shapes:


But I have seen this air show before. And it’s not the kind you want to attend or choose to attend.

These are Israeli fighter aircraft routinely violating Lebanon’s airspace–an air show of intimidation if you will.



We see it so often in Beirut–I’ve posted about them before. Last year there wasn’t enough snow for boarding, but we saw them the one day I went in 2013–see pictures here.

It’s as if they are always there. Some years they bomb, some years they don’t. You’re never quite sure when they are armed and when they are not. Would any other country tolerate this?

But the F16s didn’t stop us from having a good day. Here are a couple panorama shots.

That’s Biblical Mount Hermon (Jabal el Shaykh) in the distance:


This is the view toward North Lebanon (Al Arz) and the Mediterranean is on the far left.
One word of advice for those heading up this year: Put chains for your tires because the roads are not exactly clear:



Photo: China Weekly

It has barely been 24 hours since the exchange of fire on the Lebanon-Israel border. But over that period, the Israeli media narrative has changed dramatically.

In the initial hours, Israeli and Western media reported that “a Lebanese army sniper” shot at an “Israeli civilian vehicle.”

The latter was tweeted by an Israeli army spokesman:

Earlier this evening shots were fired at a civilian vehicle on the #Israel #Lebanon border.Sniper is Lebanese Armed Forces. #IDF
— Peter Lerner (@LTCPeterLerner) December 15, 2013

Yet the next day, the term “civilian vehicle” went missing in media accounts and Israel’s Jerusalem Post was reporting that it had been in fact an “army vehicle”that was fired upon.

Meanwhile, Israeli paper Haaretz reported that the shots had been fired, not from a sniper rifle, but at close range from a pistol. Again, the term “civilian vehicle” was replaced by “IDF vehicle”

Of course there is an important difference between a sniper carefully aiming at a civilian vehicle and a solider shooting at an army vehicle that he is at war with. The first narrative is victim-like and illicits a visceral reaction along the lines of “what savage would carefully aim and shoot at an innocent civilian?!” As pointed out by journalist Alex Rowell, there has been no correction or clarification by the Israeli army spokesperson on his twitter feed.

Whether this was a simple coincidence or intended misinformation strategy, the Western media has rapidly adopted the initial Israeli narrative.

A Google News search for “Israeli civilian vehicle” returned nearly 300 results.

While a search for “Lebanon sniper” returned over 7,000 results.

Of course, this seemingly inaccurate media narrative may have been combated by a response from the Lebanese Army, but curiously, they have failed to say almost anything about what happened yesterday.


    UPDATE (3 minutes later):

    Round two- tighter formation:

    And 5 minutes later–round 3:

    About 20 minutes later (12:15PM), comes round 4:

    (Notice position of sun is changing in each shot.)