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Dormant for years, the digital “truth” ticker has been reactivated on the upper right of the Rafik Hariri billboard above. It has been marked as day 1 in line with the start of the long-awaited trial in the Hague today, investigating his assassination.

The billboard had originally gone up shortly after the former prime minister’s murder in February 2005 and had read “The Truth.” The digital clock was soon added, with the aim of counting the days until Hariri’s killers were brought to justice. Years went by and the counting went into the thousands, prompting the somewhat embarrassing addition of a different size screen to compensate for additional zeros. A few years ago, the digital clock was removed altogether.

Now the text on the billboard has been changed from “The Truth” to “Era of Justice.” It also appears that the original 3-digit screen has been replaced with a 4 digit one. Will it lead to anything this time? And can justice really be served in a state where most of the incumbent politicians are pardoned war criminals?

    Friends and supporters of a hit-and-run victim hung pictures of the driver–a Lebanese security agent– on the walls of the Justice Ministry today. 
    They also named the judge who they say has failed to jail the assailant and instead gave orders to detain several activists after they were assaulted by the same security agent a day earlier. 
    The rally began at the Justice Palace, Lebanon’s hight court, where activist Nadine Mouawad asked: 
    “Who made the phone call to the judge to make him detain our friends?”

    “Wasta, Wasta, Wasta,” they chanted, in a reference to the Arabic word for political and personal connections–known to promote cronyism and nepotism within the Lebanese political and justice system.

    “The judge is bought with dollars,” the crowd chanted. “Our country is run by thieves.”

    Other chants included: “March 8, March 14–  have sold the country to private interests,” referencing Lebanon’s two opposing factions, which dominate Lebanese politics.

    The prominent lawyer Nizar Saghieh, who helped free the activists yesterday, said today’s rally was a historic moment.

    “This is the first time citizens demand accountability from a judge, here at the Justice Palace,” he said to cheers from the crowd.

    The protestors then walked around the corner to the Ministry of Justice carrying photos of the assailants:

    Then posted them on the walls:

    The police were very relaxed and some took an interest in the images:

    And got an explanation:

    The protestors left after a couple of hours, leaving only pictures behind, such as this screenshot of a bodyguard who is seen slapping protestors a couple of nights ago at (1:02) of this video:

    As well as the driver of the vehicle:

    Who is seen here waiving a gun at a protestor after filming him drive into protestors:
    Videos to be uploaded… however long that takes!