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Have you ever been to Lake Naccache? It’s so romantic with restaurants right on the waterfront.

But strangely, the people drive cars, not boats:


…which doesn’t make sense because the waves are good enough for sailing:


…especially when a big truck pulls up and causes a mini tsunami, that brings the water up to the headlights:


Maybe the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Naccache can apply to UNESCO to protect this important wetland.

Obviously the municipality could not disturb such a cultural attraction by spending the residents’ tax money on things they need like storm drains. It also contains important organic compounds like raw sewage, another heritage item worth preserving wild and free from the captivity of pipes and plumbing.


The ministry of tourism should get involved too. Remember that commercial they did about all the places Lebanon “looks’ like but really isn’t and will never be, like London, Marbella, Tokyo, etc:

Isn’t it time we add Venice to that list?

And while we are at it, considering the fact that you can now go to jail in Lebanon for a Facebook post, maybe we should add Beijing, Riyadh, Dubai and North Korea to the list too! Yay for sister cities!

ABC mall dancers

I don’t usually do lists, but with all the awful news I have been covering lately about demolitions and people getting beaten up, I thought I’d lighten up a little this holiday season. So here are some of the strangest Christmas displays I have seen around town. Some are actually kind of cool, others are completely awful, but all are pretty unconventional.


1.) Suspended East European dancers:


Lebanon loves East European dancers. They fill our variety television shows, and now they are getting us into the spirit of giving… with skin tight outfits. Did I mention that they dance in two glass balls suspended from the mall’s roof?


The guy at the sunglass hut seems thankful:

2.) Flying trees


Lebanon’s newest mall, Beirut City Center, wants a piece of the competition.


Not only are these plastic trees airborne, they also double as… snowflakes?


 3. Merry Christmas and F*** u from St. Georges:


Tis the season to fight the power.

Many of you know the long-standing battle between Beirut’s oldest hotel and the country’s largest company, Solidere. The St. Georges owner has been fighting the real estate giant for several years, arguing that Solidere is using its political connections to prevent him from reopening his famous hotel.  (You can read more about the land conflict in an Al Jazeera piece I wrote last year. )

The St. Georges “Stop Solidere” sign has been up for at least 6 years, serving as the most visible form of resistance toward the multibillion dollar company. But this is the first time I’ve seen it decorated for the holidays.

4.) Almaza tree



Lebanon’s best known brew works great for a tree the whole family can enjoy.

5. Junior Mafia


Who doesn’t love Lebanese mobsters weaving in and out of traffic with their $200,000 sports cars? Now their children can learn to show off at a very earlier age. They even offer black-tinted windows for all the junior VIPs.  Quick, somebody sell them low number vanity plates to make this gift perfect.

6.) Humility


This ABC kiosk says it all really.

7.) Christmas tank


Nothing says Christmas like a Vietnam-era Armored Personnel Carrier parked outside a shopping mall.


Checking to see who has been naughty or nice with a 50 caliber machine gun?

8.) Year round tree  


Call it municipal incompetence or call it endless holiday spirit. When I noticed the Naccache neighborhood still had its 2013 tree up last September, I realized it probably wouldn’t be coming down in any time soon.

9.) Fake snow flake machine

If flying trees were not enough (see number 2)  City Center mall is also making it rain with fake flakes, which fall gracefully on its 5 story tree:


10.) LAU: Blinded by the light


The Lebanese American University wants to make sure you know what time of year it is. In fact, they are recreating the light of the stars that led the three wise men to baby Jesus. But they would probably need sunglasses if they stumbled onto LAU campus today.

Honorable mentions:

Despite the rampant and strange consumerist displays, it wouldn’t be right to ignore many folks in Lebanon that have truly embraced the sprit of giving this season.

Such as the kids who volunteered with the soup kitchen Food Blessed, who were taking donations at a Badaro Christmas fair:


You can check out their website here.

I also noticed this stand at ABC where you can buy a teddy bear for 40,000LL that will help put a disadvantaged kid through school:


It’s part of the “Teach a Child” NGO and you can check out their site here.

Finally, why not give the gift of recycled Lebanese garbage?  I also found this stand at ABC mall that uses discarded Beirut advertising canvas to make cool bags:


For more interesting Christmas celebrations in Lebanon check out last year’s posts on Hezbollah Christmas TV specials as well as Beirut’s favorite Christmas techno song.

In the meantime, Beirut Report wishes you happy holidays and very merry/strange/Lebanese Christmas!