Beirut V.I.P.

War, peace, it doesn’t really matter for Beirut. It’s still a playground for the wealthy. This gargantuan yacht–helicopter included– has been docked at the downtown marina for at least a week now. It apparently has two swimming pools, a gym and a spiral glass staircase, according to a post in the Buzberry blog.

The owner appears to be visiting Lebanon for an extended stay and doesn’t mind the exuberant berthing fees or the opportunity cost of keeping a helicopter idle for so long. He/she obviously has a lot of “wasta” (connections) because private helicopters are almost never seen here, and this one is not likely to be taking off any time soon. (Lebanese aviation authorities have too many Israeli aircraft violating the skies to worry about private licensing, it seems.)

Here is a wide angle of the Marina, and the famed St. George Hotel. The yacht above is pictured right of center.

And here is another angle, with some of the more modest guests.

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