Guilt by photography: the Lebanese press does it again

After reading my previous post, a friend pointed out this article from the Al Akhbar newspaper as a further example of the photo selection process that has become shamefully routine among the Lebanese press. The article discusses a government agency that has been accused of mismanaging international aid received in the wake of the 2006 war. But before going on to read the article, and thus actually judge the integrity of its reporting, it seems that Al Akbar is trying to tell us something. Here is the close up:

Perhaps someone has got has hand stuck in the cookie jar?

  1. Dear Habib

    I am one of your blogs readers. I always follow your posts to find some reliable information about Lebanon, but its a long time you dont write anything.
    Just wanted to make sure that every thing is ok with uand tell u I am waiting u start again.
    Take Care

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