Sex sells… washing machines?

Yet another example of how much the Lebanese advertising industry loves to push the envelope.

This Whirlpool campaign went up mainly around the Christian suburbs east of Beirut:
But did it go too far?
Following some racy ad campaigns in the mid 2000’s–and an uproar from some conservative groups who splashed paint on a number of billboards– the state censorship authorities imposed new regulations calling for all outdoor ads to be pre-screened before going up on the streets. It’s unclear if those rules are still in effect or if the censorship boys merely have a soft spot for transparent underwear and knee-high boots.
  1. Hello!

    Condé Nast Traveler recently launched this blog and my editor Eimear Lynch linked to you today.

    Love your blog!

    Lisa Gartner

  2. Hello Habib,
    I’m currently writing about the use of sex in advertising in Lebanon, and I was investigating whether or not their are any laws that govern the ads that are being splashed all over the city.

    Do you have more info/sources on this?

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