Keeping Ramadan classy on MTV

Like most Christian-owned Lebanese broadcasters, MTV is fully embracing the Ramadan TV season, when dozens of new shows are released. And its kind of nice to see a station, which is known to air sensationalist and xenophobic programing, celebrate religious tolerance.  
Much of the Ramadan entertainment revolves around talk shows and MTV’s guests last night included MP Mustapha Alloush (left):
…who is better known for saying “eat sh*t” on live national TV in a political argument that culminated in water dousing and chair-throwing.
Last night MTV put the question to its live telephone audience. Which program did Alloush get into a fight on?  

To help smooth things over during this uncomfortable moment, the show host made a reference to another guest, the pop starlet Myriam Klink:

Who is better known for posing with assault weapons–


The host suggested things would have been better if she had run for parliament (because she was actually considering it).

To this MP Alloush replied: “If Maryiam was in parliament, none of the MPs would be worried about anything!”

Everyone had a laugh:

And Myriam was blushing:
Later another guest made fun of her new song about her pussy cat–no pun intended.

But on to more serious questions. Klink was asked to reveal a secret by the host:
“I shot someone once,” she said soberly, after much hesitation. 
“Did he die?” the show host asked. 

“Of course not,” Klink shrugged. “Otherwise I would be in jail.”

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