Lebanese leaders swing into action… or just swing

My heartfelt thanks to Daily Star photographer Antoine Amrieh, who took this picture. Unfortunately the article it goes with is less lucid.

The first three paragraphs are about some sort of summit involving Lebanon’s “Higher Defense Council” which apparently meets on a swing set.  According to “a source” someone (we are not sure who) agreed to provide some kind of “equipment” to the security forces to better do their jobs. No word on what “equipment” we are talking about here. I’m hoping it’s a pre-crime unit a la Minority Report, although a simple crime investigating team would be a welcome advancement.

Army General Jean Kahwaji had these reassuring words before the meeting:

“Given the unstable situation in the region, our situation in Lebanon is still OK and the country will survive.”
And I thought we were in for complete annihilation. Phew.

Still this optimistic tone is slightly damper than another “excellent” security meeting, apparently involving another higher security council, the day before the Tripoli blast. I guess that mystery equipment had not arrived yet.

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