Cessna spotting after today’s attack

Not long after today’s devastating twin bombings, I heard Israeli jets flying over, presumably surveying the damage. And about 20 minutes later I could hear the propeller of the Lebanese air force Cessna, which was recently donated by the United States.

Now unless the Red Baron is flying, this little prop plane is no match for the sophisticated air forces of our neighbors. And its bombings like today that further erode confidence in the Lebanese security forces amid their relatively insignificant military support from Western governments. Unless Lebanon builds a competitive military and security force capable of defending the state, support for organizations like Hezbollah will only grow, especially after today’s events, which many will inevitably blame on elements within the Western-backed rebels.

  1. Cessna 208B is actually a $2 million aircraft, and that was a gift! So if the government take our internet fee, cellphone tax every 6 hours we can buy another one

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