Journalists beaten, where is the media?

Watch this graphic video of journalists from Al Jadeed being beaten. They were working on an investigative story about corruption among Lebanese customs officials. Details are still emerging but it appears they had taken to the streets outside the customs office with a bullhorn when officials refused to answer their questions. Moments later they are savagely attacked both by uniformed and plainclothes agents.

A crowd of journalists have taken to the streets this evening for a sit-in at the justice palace. And Al Jadeed has been covering the protest live all day, fighting the powers that be with a satellite signal.

In solidarity with their colleagues, LBC also covered the rally live:

But has since reverted to regular programming, a reality talent show (Star Academy):

Meanwhile NBN has a live horoscope call-in show: 

 OTV has a live cooking show with grandma:

Making fish sayadieh:

 Future TV has a live basketball match:

And Hezbollah TV has live preaching:

One would think these national broadcasters would go down and cover the rally and show some solidarity with their colleagues, if they were serious about doing journalism that is. 
I’m heading down there now. Follow me on Twitter @habib_b for updates.  
  1. Why would they go down and cover the protest? I mean Star Academy generates good revenue for LBC, others also have monetary reasons to do so. Al Manar (Hezbollah) are affiliated with customs so it is of no good interest to actually join the protest. Money speaks louder than words

  2. Very true Anon. I think money is as, if not more important than sectarian and political affiliations cited in analyses of Lebanon and its media.

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