Those were the days…

Photo: New Lebanon

Here’s a picture of Lebanese politicians during “better” times. From the left: Samir Geagea, Saad Hariri and Sayed Hassan Nasrallah. Thousands of young fighters and innocent civilians have been killed  under their combined command in dozens of battles that stretch from the 1980s to present day.

But every few years, these men–along with other former/current Lebanese warlords– suddenly become friends again, sharing jokes and smiles. And with reports of a possible new government being formed, maybe we’ll be treated to more warm and fuzzy moments in the near future.

The only problem is we never hear what jokes they are making during such meetings because cameras are allowed in such meetings for only a few minutes, and when video is broadcast (by TV stations they own), the audio is always switched off for some reason. Perhaps they are laughing about us, the people who have the most to lose from their violent policies, yet continue to elect them out of fears they propagate.

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